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David Myron Roller

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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2005|09:41 pm]
David Myron Roller
I don't think I'll ever use this.
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There was a robotic retard. Blank empty stare.. [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:45 pm]
David Myron Roller
I hung out with Ian H, Nate, Isaac, Jack, and Nigel, this past week. Good stuff.

"The Math Blaster Trilogy" is better than Lord of the Rings.

Indie rock and roll is all I need...

War of the Worlds tomorrow..oh Zam! you cornerstone losers are missing out!

I haven't had a good long conversation in a long time. Call me, I'd love to talk to you.

I was suprized at how much I like the new House of Heroes cd. it's nice, check it out.

It's nice to be back in the grove with the band.

I AM starting a side project. If you're invited then I will be obviously talking to you..*caughIANcaugh*

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Healing Power of the Sun -Math Blaster

I think that Math Blaster should change their name to "The Math Blaster".


I havn't slept in my house for one full week, I wonder how long I can drag this out..
leave a comment and I'll call you from wherever I am. Also leave your number would be good. unless you know that I know it.

I feel it so strongly and so powerfully, but no one agrees. I know that I am correct. But I am the only one who sees it as reasonable or factual. (and this is how I am supposed to live my life.)

I have a question that only one|two| person can answer. I want to know for sure.

Life is so simplistic and yet the mos complicated thing that I can possibly imagine. Everything that we worry about is so trivial and pointless but everyone makes it a big deal, And that makes it complicated.

what am I saying?
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this tis:? [Jun. 10th, 2005|01:25 am]
David Myron Roller
If you didn't know already, I am going to spend the rest of my life doing what God wants me to to do (the rest of my life basically is after highschool). And apperently I'm supposed to be a musician. A traveling artist. Now. What is wrong with that? It sounds like the perfect life. Travel and play shows to fans who adore you. What's wrong with this? Well, in order to accomplish this correctly, I beleive that I will be skipping college. Most people these days are all about college. They think that college can get you anywhere you want. That's true. I would love to go to college. But I'm "not supposed to". I want to have all of those memories "but i'm not supposed to". I want to make a bunch of friends and have the best time of my life. " BUT I"M NOT SUPPOSED TO"! I don't want to have a poor family because I can't support them with a minimum wage job. "but i'm supposed to?" It's so confusing. I'm sick of prayer. I want to sit down at a table and talk with God. Face to face. Oh man. The future exhausts me...

I have a stick. This stick has another stick that has the same ending as itself. The stick that i hold in the other hand has a different ending then both of them. Another stick is like me in some ways and that stick and my left hand stick both stick to the same branches. I want both of my sticks to be together, but they don't work like thye do with the other branches. I don't want to let go. but i have to. I with i could eat the left hand stick and not worry about it. By eating that one, the right hand stick would be sad and the other stick that has the same end as the right hand stick would stick to it. The stick that matched my left hand stick would fall off of the branch and stick to another stick and all of the sticks would bud leaves and the 6th stick would simply walk away. That is, if there are not any dogs around..
I have serious issues with this.

I love the red racer, but i have never seen them. I listen to them all the time, I go to tons of shows and they're local. Why have i never seen them?! it upsets me.


Speak but a wisper and I will hear a sermon.

Yesterday when i walked out of Great clips I felt the wind hit my ears. It felt so good. At first i thought that cutting my hair was a bad idea. But hair is so trivial. If someone doesn't like me with short hair long hair or no hair then they don't deserve to know me that close anyways.

I love Pain's ship belt. It's way tight. But I'm not so sure about those pants man,, You should cut your hair really short. it would be so good.

I'm finished with Drive Right. But oh man am i going to miss Phil. Not Sandy though. She's just depressing.

What instrument should i get? I'm thinking double bass...

When i'm with my band on tour, I'm going to put a piano in the back of our van and play it alllll the time. we'll take most of the seats out and sleep in the back. I'll keep my gameboy with tetris with me for FOREVOR. I'll go to every city they my friends moved to and visit them lots! Spend the night at their new homes and then drive to another concert.

Some day i want to play Hellfest. Screw KLOVE.

Swallow Gernades might be forming this summer.

the word EMO sucks. I hate it. so, if i'm sad. I"M EMO! wtf.

Keep it real. Don't change yourself. Don't dress to impress anyone.

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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2005|06:38 pm]
David Myron Roller
i never update this thing. i dont know why. i have a lot to say. but instead i call johannah and amble to her until she hangs up on me. and when i say amble i mean ramble.
fo shizzle.
i am godly.
and i love against the nations.
sweetest band ever.
we should have had cds sell for 5 but we sold them for 3. which happens to be johannahs favorite number.
incase you werent aware.
i saw star wars today. and it was good but the acting sucked and i am a great judge of directing. for example. george lucas sucks.

IM johocurlly
she is awesome
like me?
my birthday is in september.
buy me a lot of stuff.
sept 25th actually.
if you dont know my cool friend johannah
get to know her
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Kill me now. [May. 8th, 2005|10:31 am]
David Myron Roller
Why do I continue to disapoint myself? I can not figure it out. But ever week is the same thing. I hope that the rest of my life is this bad. I hope that this can be figured out soon,,
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